Board of Governance

Sean Dollinger


Sean Dollinger was born in Montreal. He studied Business at Marianopolis College while working at multiple restaurants as a server, deliverer and kitchen staff, and at a municipal Public Works department where he learned many valuable lessons that are still current for him. At the same time, he ran several enterprises such as a baseball school and a food delivery business.

At the age of 18, Sean was offered a baseball scholarships to a top NJCAA Division One baseball program at Briarcliffe College in Beth Page, New York. While carrying a full course load in Business and Management, he maintained a 3.2 GPA, played up to 30 hours of baseball a week, and worked 10-20 hours each week to cover his food and book expenses. This experience taught Sean how to juggle multiple priorities while being completely committed to each. Today, Sean continues to build on the skills he learned in College.

After finishing his degree in Maryland, Sean moved back to Canada where he started up a business picking up and delivering whatever a customer wanted. This was a novel concept and only one other company was performing the same function. Within 6 months, Sean acquired the competing business and one year later, sold it for 10,000 times his initial investment.

Sean identified that despite all he had done by the age of 22, he was lacking in computing experience. He invested the funds he had made from the sale of his delivery company in obtaining a networking degree, and worked at the prestigious accounting firm of Bessner Gallay Kreisman in Montreal. There he served as a Junior Admin alongside the head IT Administrator. When he graduated at the age of 23, Sean went on to start a satellite company that quickly grew to a team of 10 employees, and sold the company 16 months later.

This prompted him to start his first advertising and marketing company, which attracted over 10,000 clients in its first year of operation and which was later sold to a website creation company. In 2008, Sean began building Dollinger Enterprises, where he continues today as CEO, working with clients around the world including Canada, United States, Mexico, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Monaco and Ireland.

Sean currently has eight businesses, three children and an active lifestyle.

After attending University and finishing up his degree in Maryland Sean moved back to Canada where he started a delivery company picking up and delivering ANYTHING a customer wanted. This was a very new concept and only one other company in North America was doing it at the time which Sean Dollinger ended up acquiring only 6 months after starting his own called Easy Touch. After only 1 Year Sean went on to sell the business for 10,000 times his initial investment.


One thing Sean felt he was lacking experience with, even with everything he had done by the age of 22 was in computers. He had never owned one and felt it was time to start learning everything to know about them. He signed up for Herzing College , and invested the money he made from the sale of his delivery company into a networking degree from the College. While he was attending school he also gained experience at the prestigious accounting Bessner Gallay Kreisman in Montreal, Quebec. He was hired as Junior Admin and worked day to day operations with the head IT Administrator – experience which fueled his education. On Graduating at the age of 23 Sean went on to start a satellite company which grew to a team of 10 employees, and sold the company 16 months later.


Upon selling the satellite company he started his first advertising and marketing company, which had over 10,000 clients in the first year of business. The company would later be sold to a website creation company. In 2008 Sean Dollinger decided to start building Dollinger Enterprises, where he remains currently as Director of the firm. The firm has clients all around the World including Canada, United States, Mexico, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Monaco and Ireland.

Peter Simeon


Peter Simeon is an experienced corporate, commercial, and securities lawyer. He is currently chairman of Namaste Technologies and a partner in Gowling WLGs with a focus on on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions.

Peter delivers practical and effective advice to help our business. He has a great deal of experience and has acted for clients across a broad range of industries, such as mining, energy and technology. His expertise includes:

  • Public offerings, including initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Private placements
  • Bought deal financings
  • Share and asset purchase transactions

He spent several years as corporate counsel at a multinational technology company, and a completed a secondment at the Ontario Securities Commission in its Market Regulation Group. Peter’s involvement in Namaste Technologies is a strong endorsement of the sector and the fact that is in a huge growth stage.

Philip van den Berg

Chief Financial Officer

Philip Van Den Berg graduated cum laude in economics in 1985 from the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, Mr.Van Den Berg joined Pierson, Heldring & Pierson in the Netherlands as investment analyst. Most of his experience on the sell side was with Goldman Sachs in London where he joined its newly established European equities division in 1987.

In 1995, Philip went to Deutsche Morgan Grenfell to participate in re-establishing its European equities division. During his career on the sell-side, he held various positions within research departments as investment analyst, supervisory analyst, member of the investment policy committee and head of research. In 1997, Philip moved to the buy-side as co-founder of Olympus Capital Management, one of the first European hedge funds (long short equity). In 2006 Philip co-founded Taler Asset Management, a wealth management company based in Gibraltar. Currently Philip is a non-executive director at Taler.

Since 2014 Philip has been an active investor in various start-up companies in Europe and the US. In these companies he has held positions as director and CFO, including Golden Leaf Holding (CSE:GLH) and URT1. He has implemented corporate governance and administrative systems, has been involved in a number of capital market transactions, oversaw a public listing and has been involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Sefi Dollinger


Sefi Dollinger has managed DZD Hardwood since 1986. Over the past 30 years, this company has been transformed from a traditional lumber business to a fully vertically integrated lumber, semi finished, flooring and other hardwood specialist. This experience is hugely important to Namaste’s plans for the future, when integration will become a huge revenue driver.

Sefi, has built a reputation for recognizing a company’s potential and making it happen through vision and a commitment to customer service. He has brought these characteristics into the Namaste Technologies boardroom.

Sefi believes in investing in staff, especially in their technical knowledge, so Namaste can be the company for people to turn to for informed advice and product information. His influence on Namaste staff and customer service focus is evident with the Trustpilot score of 9.8/10. This places Namaste in the top 5% of all online retailers, and in the top 1% of the cannabis industry.

Sefi’s experience is key as Namaste continues to add value by gathering database and customer profiles.

Sefi and his wife are heavily involved with Le Nichoir, a non-profit bird rehabilitation centre. He is a family man who enjoys fitness, travel and hiking in the woods to relax. He is renowned in the industry as a fair, hard-working, attentive and caring man.

David Hughes

Chief Marketing Officer

David holds a honours Bachelor of Business Studies and International Marketing. He has had an extensive career in marketing and has training in SEO and E-commerce. David has worked for some of the largest companies in Ireland and UK including communication giants O2 and Eircom. In 2009 he was was appointed as the Managing director of ORH Marketing, a Google Partner focusing on online PPC and SEO. ORH has a hugely successful track record for clients selling in Europe, South Africa and the US.

Exponential growth and success in e-commerce marketing for their clients including Namaste Technologies formed the reasons David was invited to be CMO. He and his family live in Carlingford, Ireland where he believes in hard work and honesty. He enjoys staying fit and growing businesses.

Chad Agate

Chief Technical Officer

Chad Agate is the Chief Technical Officer of Namaste Technologies Inc., Chad brings 18 years of experience in technology innovation as an entrepreneur, CTO, consultant, and a senior software engineer.

In 2001, Chad co-founded The Cipher Group, utilizing his skills in building IT services solutions for Fortune 1000 businesses and educational organizations. Within four years, Cipher grew to $7.5 million in service revenues. In 2004, from that base, Agate created NeoPhonetics, a provider of end-to-end open source Voice Over IP (VoIP) solutions for large enterprises. After selling NeoPhonetics in 2009, Chad founded The CMAC Group, a digital agency utilizing big data analytics to build real time contextual marketing campaigns for Fortune 1000 organizations.

Chad is responsible for technical strategy, driving innovation, project execution and technical team building at Namaste Technologies. Chad attended the University of Illinois. Mr. Agate is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the Internet Society.

Quinn Reese

Chief Operations Officer

Previous role as CEO of Magic Flight General Manufacturing Inc. Quinn brings a wealth of experience to the company. He joined Namaste to help grow the business both the vaporizer manufacturing and on line sales and distribution. In the same way that magic flight became one of the leading vaporizer companies in the world he hopes to help bring Namaste to the forefront of the industry internationally.