Company Overview


Namaste Technologies Inc. long term strategy is to become a leading supplier of legal cannabis products as the cannabis market is legalized in each country. In order to be ready to enter each market the company has used the sale of dry herb vaporizers to build relevant traffic to our sites and gather a database. This will help us to reach the cannabis customers in each region and become a leading cannabis retailer faster then the competition. We hope to convert many of our customers of dry herb vaporizers who require legal medicinal or legal recreational cannabis into actual Namaste cannabis customers once a country legalizes the sale.


Namaste is a global leader in delivery system for dry herbs which can include medicinal cannabis where legally available. Through vaporizer sales and the selling of glass and pipes and other dry herb related paraphilia Namaste Technologies have a very strong channel to sell to the end customers once it is legalized worldwide.


We own and operate online retail sites with a presence in 20 countries worldwide. Our Company is also active in the business of product development and manufacturing and will launch the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer in December 2017. This will give even greater margins and revenue to the vaporizer sales figures which finances the operation while we build a presence in the legal cannabis industry.


Namaste hopes to become cash flow positive in the first half of 2018 and is in the final stages of its Cannmart licence to gain approval to distribute cannabis in Canada, where legalization is the final stages. In Canada, once approved Namaste will have the opportunity to show how to take advantage of its position as a vaporizer online retailer. It will have a easy access to customers using its existing relevant online site traffic and existing data bases.


This concept once proven will show how Namaste Technologies have created a powerful sales channel for the sale of legal cannabis as it legalizes region by region. The model will be replicated worldwide with the corresponding financial projections hoped to add to the value of Namaste Technologies stock.