Our company uses advanced analytics to consistently outperform all competition on a day to day basis. In February 2017 we took this a step further with the deployment of our new websites.  We continue to push technology innovations in the cannabis space and are now deploying advanced machine learning and deep learning throughout our web properties and in our back office. 


Our objective is to increase our effectiveness in every aspect of analytics, this includes capturing, collecting and storing data. With this data we will make decisive strategy decisions. This valuable information will direct our planned push into new market sectors from mid 2017 onward.


Collecting and organizing the the behavior of cannabis delivery system  consumers allows us to plan our business strategy accordingly; ensuring that we can create the greatest amount of value possible! This also generates revenue that can cover operational expenses. We can build valuable data banks without having to resort to raising funds from our investors.


At Namaste we can effectively identify the most relevant data sources and build a database of consumers. This is why we stand apart from all competitors.

Rapidly Growing Industry

Growing acceptance of Marijuana in the public and increasing legalization are the two key factors that are driving the growth of the Cannabis industry. A swath of countries, from Ireland, to Israel have taken steps towards the legalization of Marijuana. In the USA  five states; Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada have legalized Cannabis for recreational use, and a number more have allowed medicinal use.
Alongside Canada the US is a huge influence on world-wide acceptance of cannabis. We at Namaste intend to use our formidable experience, as well as our customer database to expand worldwide as more and more countries introduce legislation. Read More


Our strategy of growing site traffic through organically rather than with PPC has given us a greater presence in search engine results and has seen the worldwide traffic to Namaste core site skyrocket in 2016. This, combined with our decision to identify and acquire companies with large databases and strong presences in key markets has proven to be fruitful.

We predict that acquisitions made prior to legalization legislation has given us a strong foothold in the USA. The same strategy pursued in the UK and Canada means that we can envision our company becoming profitable in Mid 2017. Read More



The Cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and a the huge, worldwide movement of legalization and acceptance is underway and new countries are considering legalization everyday. This means as time goes by we will gain unprecedented access to one new market after another. Our experience, and advanced data gathering techniques mean that as these markets open we can move in and dominate them. Read More.